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12-05-2012, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by me2 View Post

Maybe I live in a utopian dreamland where I believe employers and employees should work together for their mutual benefit. The NHLPA should have the best interests of its players in mind, which includes looking at the bigger picture and the long term health of their work environment, rather than just fighting because the other side "must be evil". Us vs them ain't healthy.

If the NHLPA started negotiations a year ago and the NHL was hardline from start I'd lay all the blame on NHL.
Sounds nice in theory but thats not how things operate in this business. You obviously don't have a lot of knowledge as to how unions operate if you think the PA isn't working for the best interests of its's typical short term thinking of the self serving rather than thinking about the longer term implications. Sure, they may lose money now but they have to protect what they've fought for so they aren't continually going backwards.

I worked for 8 years in an EXTREMELY toxic union/company job...we had a 2 year backlog of grievances that we had to pick and choose which ones to fight because the company would constantly take us to arbitration, which the union couldn't afford. It was a miserable environment and BOTH sides were to blame. The union environment shelters the biggest ********* employees and the company used whatever means necessary to get what it wanted from the union. As long as one side doesn't trust the other you'll never have a real labour, as long as Bettman and guys like Jeremy Jacobs are around, the players won't trust ownership and as long as the players don't trust owners they're going to prepare for war. It's a vicious circle and it's not going to end unless changes are made on both sides.

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