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Originally Posted by Uncle Howie View Post
1989, simply because it's easily in my top 10, probably top 5 of most movies watched of all time... it was my fav when I was a kid.

Seen the Batman Begins around 5 times, liked it and everything, but I watched the 1989 version almost everyday when I got it on VHS, was 6 at the time or so....

I think they are both quality and not going to cop out, so I went with movie I seen the most... and at one point WAS my favourite movie... I enjoyed Begins but it was never my favourite at any point in my life.
I think many posters here have not even seen the 1989 Batman...

The 1989 Batman beat Batman begins in these areas:

- Theme. Danny Elfman's Batman theme is a million times more catchy and epic than Zimmer's work. So good they used it in the animated series.
- Batcave, Batcomputer, Batmobile, Batwing, utility belt, grappling hook. All necessary items in Batman lore. "Where does he get all those wonderful toys?"
- Nicholson's Joker naturally is a better villain than Scarecrow.
- Michael Keaton is a better Batman than Christian Bale. Better fight scenes. Voice was different from Bruce Wayne's but not as ridiculous as Bale's.

What Batman Begins does better is the overall visuals perhaps and that Christian Bale is a better Bruce Wayne.

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