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12-05-2012, 09:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Super Sniper Cele View Post
Trust me, I'm not yelling and screaming during the entire game either, however there is a time and a place for everything. The atmosphere in Consol being as dry and uncaring as it was for the first couple of playoff games against Philly was just plain embarrassing. Nobody is saying you have to drink five beers and start cheering obnoxiously, but you're making it seem like you refuse to clap a single time when a "Let's go Pens" chant starts or something.

Maybe you don't have to blow the roof off of the building, but at the very least let somebody know you're in it.
I think people overstate the number of people going to games and making no noise at all. As I said though, I have never been in the lower bowl at all.

Originally Posted by Super Sniper Cele View Post
No offense, but you must not have been paying much attention. In either arena. I've been to enough games in Philly (against the Pens, obviously) to tell you that their fans are always loud and into the game. Sure they're a bunch of idiots rooting for a bunch of pansies, but at least they let those pansies know that they're rooting for them. Also, a lot of players and even coaches will tell you how intimidating it can be to play in a building like that and that can go a long way believe it or not.

Ask Claude Giroux how "intimidating" the crowds at Consol were in the playoffs last season. That little ***** would laugh in your face, and that needs to change.
No offense taken. You're just wrong, that's all. Maybe the games you were at were different; but the games I've been to at Consol were every bit as loud as the games I've been to in Philly. I have never been to a Pens game in Consol where the fans all around me weren't loud and into the game. It's never been crazy; but its been noisy. Actually, it was pretty freaking crazy when the game went to OT and when there were some big hits. I have been to a game in Philly where the Flyers fans were being noticeably out-yelled by the Penguins fans in the building.

Maybe the games I have been to are bad representations of the typical crowds. But don't tell me I'm wrong about my own experience.

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