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Originally Posted by vikingGoalie View Post

I did say that no one really records good statistical data to assert things one way or the other. As far as using a small example. I think most agree that Fleury was solid last season up until the last few weeks before the playoffs and of course the debacle against Philly. I don't think it's coincidence that the two SCF runs where Fleury had his best save % were under MT, and under DB while MT's system was largely in place still.

I would think the fact that a new coach comes in puts in a new system and afterwards we see the downward trend (esp in the playoffs) of Fleury's save pct should tell us something.
Fleury's best regular season is arguably 2 season ago under Bylsma in which, after a horrendous start, finished the season with a 0.918 sv%. The only better season for him in terms of sv% was one in which he only played 35 games.

Originally Posted by vikingGoalie View Post
I look at games like this.
You look at stats, fleury is awful in this game, 21 shots, 4 goals.

However look at the goals scored, and how they are scored.
I don't believe isolating one game will tell us much, but I will offer my opinion here. Furthermore, you didn't really provide much of a technical breakdown of what Fleury did correct or incorrect on each goal.

Originally Posted by vikingGoalie View Post
goal 1, 3rd wack at the puck.
There is a lot more to this goal than 3 wacks at the puck. Fleury way overcommits to the shooter here and comes out of the crease to an almost Tim Thomas level of roaming. Additionally, he is not entirely square to the shooter or on the perfect angle. The major problem though is the roaming and it prevents him from having much of a shot on a rebound or a one-timed pass. This problem is compounded by him running into his own teammate while trying to re-position for the unfortunate bounce the puck took on the way to the net (notice I blame Fleury here for the collision since that is an additional risk you run when coming that far out of the net). In addition to improper technique, it showed impatience and over-commitment.

Originally Posted by vikingGoalie View Post
goal 2, back door total d breakdown
Pretty much. That withstanding, I'd like to see Fleury refine his technique a little more here. A little over-committment to the right post.

Originally Posted by vikingGoalie View Post
goal 3, once again fleury makes first save, in that scenario the goalie's responsibility is the first shot, after that it's on the D to box out. Our D gets totally out worked/muscled and the 3rd swing at the puck goes in.
Again, no mention of Fleury's technique on this play. Did you miss Roloson's multiple saves (with constant re-positioning) before this? Compare that with what Fleury did on this play. He essentially gave himself no chance after over-committing with the poke check and losing his balance. Instead of being able to make a lateral adjustment from the butterfly, he has to spread eagle and puts himself at a huge disadvantage. Can't blame the Pens D for going for the dive here. Perhaps he was trying to cover for Fleury's 5-hole?

Originally Posted by vikingGoalie View Post
goal 4, breakaway 1-0, malone takes a slapper that blows by. This one of all of them I fault fleury on he was off his angle just slightly.
This isn't me trying to be a contrarian, but I again disagree with your assessment here. A goalie can't cover 100% of the net. If someone blows a 90 mph slapshot from 15 ft out into an uncovered part of the net, it's going in no matter who is in goal. There simply isn't enough time to react. His positioning was fine, good depth, and his angle was about as close to perfect as you can get (puck was directly in the middle of the hash marks). Perhaps you can argue that Fleury drops his glove slightly just as the shot was being taken, but that seems harsh given the circumstances and not dropping the glove would just mean that that part of the net would now be open instead.

Don't take my analysis as Fleury being at fault for all of those goals. Instead, I'm just demonstrating that he has culpability here in that he made his own mistakes on the plays that gave him a lower chance of making the saves. Ironically, his technique was closest to perfect on the last goal in my opinion.

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