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12-05-2012, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
It has to hurt Thomas - for voters that are paying attention - that in between great seasons he's lost his job and a rookie with no experience came in also led the league in everything...and once again last season, Rask outdid him statistically...

Luckily, before Thomas is eligible for the HHOF, we'll probably see Rask be among the league leaders in goalie stats another few times playing behind Chara and Julien and then - I guess - start the Rask for HHOF bandwagon...

There's only one set of meaningful circumstances where he's thrived in his career. Behind Julien and Chara. And even within those ideal circumstances, he's still been inconsistent season-to-season. Before Chara, he was considered one of the league's worst.

Cute story and all...but it's just a journeyman goalie that happened to find a perfect situation...we'll see that and have been seeing that more and more as coaching takes over the game...since the lockout, we've seen Roloson all of a sudden get clutch? vs. rookie Ward. Osgood has been to two Finals...Fleury too...Giguere vs. Emery...Niemi vs. Leighton (a career minor leaguer) look at the goalies from 2004 and back that went to the Finals...

It's a coaches' game now. Goalies are just pawns in it. Some are better than others sure, but most of goaltending now is just about consistency (which Thomas is far from). That, or, journeyman goalie Brian Elliott just had one of the best season we've ever seen...but let's pick one and stick with it...don't create a narrative based on stats and run with it...
Good post. Just came to post the bolded.

Thomas for HOF is laughable. The guy basically has two great seasons, and a couple other decent ones playing behind the best defensive team in the league. Credit to Thomas for seizing the opportunity and being a key piece in Boston winning the Cup in 2011, but that's basically what he'd be getting elected for. If that's all it takes, we may as well ask the same question about Cam Ward if he retired today.

If Patrick Roy had retired in the fall of 1989, would he have made the HOF?

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