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Originally Posted by MacM View Post
Loney hands down
Having ref'd another sport at the highest possible level, I will usually stay away from referee criticism-----as I truly believe that if you have never done it, you have absolutely no clue on how hard it is. You see everything from the stands because you are further away and higher up, not trying to look through or around players. I will admit that as a whole, I feel the quality of ref's in the league is not very good.
A good referee understands and recognizes the flow of a game, and tries his best not to interupt that flow----hence calling what needs to be called, and leaving the marginal alone. I feel most of the ref's seem to overcall almost every game I watch, killing any chance to create flow. Some games need to be overcalled when tensions are running high and the odds are it will turn ugly, but these games are usually one in every dozen.
My advice to the ref's----call what you actually see, not what you think you might have missed. Here's what I really don't get, and this happened in about a three minute span---player is about to get hit and intentionally cross checks the guy in the head( 2 minute high stick ), about a minute later a player throws a check and might have brushed opponents head ( same ref calls 2 and 10 ), so that tells me that its better to cross check guy in head---puzzling. About three minutes after that a really hard hit into boards, with players head NEVER being touched---three game suspension for hitting to head.
My choice of worst ref would probably go to Coleman---for many different reasons.

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