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Originally Posted by Qward View Post
Cap hit.

Waddell offered him two contracts. 101 over 12 years and 70 over 7.

One capping under 9 and the other capping at 10

So they traded him to NJ.

NJ offered him 102 over 17 years but got rejected by the league and reduced it to 15.

Let's take a look at his contract.

Original contract from NJ

Deal that was accepted after league approval

2 years @ 6m
1 year @ 11m
2 years @ 11.3M
1 year @ 11.6m
1 year @ 11.8m
1 year @ 10m
1 year @ 7m
1 year @ 4m
3 years @ 1m
1 year @ 3m
1 year @ 4m

You can try to tell me there isn't much difference between 10m and 11m but If I offered you 2 jobs, one that pays 50k a year or what that pays 55k and has more perks, which would you take?

Even if the contracts were the same. Or New Jerseys was less, it adds to my point that Ilya gave the finger to Atlanta and their fans while Alfie calls Ottawa his home and plans to live here after retirement.

You also skipped over the part where I said he wanted to play for a better team. Another slap to Atlantians. (or however they like to be called)
He didn't sign in Atlanta because of the owner situation and there was a good chance of relocation. The deals of the other teams were offered after it was clear he wouldn't stay.

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