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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
While FC2 was a sandbox game, it wasn't exactly wide open. How much of the map was inaccessible "highlands" terrain? Some of the savannah and desert parts were pretty open, yeah. Then there were all of the canyons and funnels that you had to navigate with roving patrols complicating things. I haven't gotten FC3 yet but it's my understanding that more of the map is actually available to you.
By "wide open," what I mean is that, at any point, you could go anywhere in the map that you were previously allowed to go to. Portions of the map weren't closed off to you because you'd been there before and exploration required traveling through them again and again. Naturally, your movement was restricted in areas, but that's how geography (and level design) works. Just about everywhere where you could go, you could return to (which is why they necessarily had to implement a re-spawning system, though their particular implementation probably wasn't the best).

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