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12-05-2012, 10:52 PM
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I wanted to make a new thread focusing on hockey history clips online (not necessarily documentaries) but a mod will probably just merge that so I'll post in here. A separate thread for posing clips and documentaries outside of the one's everyone knows would be nice though. I wanted to start it due to this one I found, it's a very recent panel discussing the '72 summit series, not a documentary.:

This is part 1 of Cherry's first Rock Em Sock Em videos. Rest are up on YT. It's from 1989.

This is a short documentary about the Nordiques called Conflict On Ice from the 70s:
This is about the Quebec Nordiques from the 70s:

We have a valuable resource to watch these online so it would be nice if they could be indexed in a thread for everyone to learn about the game's past.

The famous docs that are up on youtube in their entirety:, Hockey A People's History (10 parts), Legends of Hockey (focus on many many star players and their bio), Broadstreet Bullies, NHL Expansion 1967, A Year in the Life of the NHL Part 1 (I don't think 2 was ever made), Do you Believe In Miracles: The Story of the 1980s US Mens Hockey Team, The Original 6 NHL era, Summit On Ice (this one is up on Netflix not Youtube but there are plenty of Summit Series vids up on there)

The 4 main movies I believe all made by CBC are The Rocket, Net Worth (older one from 1995 but great film, about Ted Lindsay and the formation of the PA), Canada-Russia Summite '72, and The Don Cherry Story (I'm fairly sure that much of the last one is exagerrated and more fictional than the rest).

This is Dick Irvin for "Hockey Magazine" talking about old hockey clips in an old hockey clip:

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