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There is a lot more to this goal than 3 wacks at the puck. Fleury way overcommits to the shooter here and comes out of the crease to an almost Tim Thomas level of roaming. Additionally, he is not entirely square to the shooter or on the perfect angle. The major problem though is the roaming and it prevents him from having much of a shot on a rebound or a one-timed pass. This problem is compounded by him running into his own teammate while trying to re-position for the unfortunate bounce the puck took on the way to the net (notice I blame Fleury here for the collision since that is an additional risk you run when coming that far out of the net). In addition to improper technique, it showed impatience and over-commitment.
The collision was because the D lost his balance and fell forward into fleury who was already established at that spot. Fleury did not initiate contact in that.

Is he far out, yes. Did he roam out some, sure. You alude to Tim Thomas level of roaming, he won a Veznia and a Conn Smythe because of his Defense and was at record levels of save %. Just shows what Defense that works *with* the goalie can do. Is some of this maybe just bad luck? Sure I can go with that.
But I don't see anything here imo that says, omg every other goalie in the league would've made that series of saves, fleury is terrible!

Goal 2, I will give you that he held the post a hair to long, but with that level of D break down that's a goal 99/100.

Goal 3.
a very very bad turnover along the boards with too many passengers watching results in a pass to downie all by himself with Fleury.

Fleury makes an extermely good save.

notice how fleury was on angle with the puck in the first image, downie pulls it from his back hand and fires it from forehand fleury makes a point blank save. I don't see how you can fault the goalie in anyway for this. technique or otherwise.
This was a surprise opportunity/turnover.

The defense is once again laying face down on the ice, while Downie is 2 feet from the goalie free to wack at the puck again.
You can not realistically expect a turnover in your own zone that goes straight to guy a few feet from the goalie firing a one timer to have perfect technique on the save. I *DO* expect the defense to stay on their feet and at least box the crease out or impede them in some way.

However the reason this goes in is because it goes between the pads and fleury doesn't have the paddle 90 degree to the ice covering the 5 hole, why?
hard to prove but I believe because said face down defenseman is on his paddle with his left arm. But it's a mute point as the whole sequence was a series of breakdowns by the team, turn over, 2 guys stuck on the wall, Defense just looking dumbfounded.

Goal 4, yes he is off his angle.

it's not a lot, but it's enough. When the goalie is that far out on and the puck doesn't got through him it's almost always because he is off a little.

I will agree just examining one game is pointless in some regard. I was trying to use it as in illustration of just how save % which is the barometer most here use doesn't tell the story of how good/bad your goalie in and of itself. I'm certain someone can dig up a few examples of awful play.

I think Tim Thomas is a great example. You put fleury in a system like that you will see his save % go up .10 % guarenteed (or more).

Hopefully everyone doesn't mind my rather long posts.

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