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12-05-2012, 11:19 PM
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I went with both. Both movies are important to the Batman Lore. I often wonder what would have happened had Keaton come back for a thirs & Joel Schlmuker had not been hired as director. Schlmuker pretty much killed that franchise for a few years with two terrible movies.

89' Batman was a solid movie. I give that movie mad props because they used no CGI every gadget was real, every stunt was done by a stunt man or by Keaton & Nicolson & the story was pretty good, fairly true to the comic without going over board.

Both versions of the joker were entertaining. In Batman Begins we see the joker already established, were in Batman 89' we see the joker begin.

Something were forced due to time constraints & I would love to see the director cut.

Batman Begins went were 89' Batman did not go, the full back story of Bruce Wayne & how he became Batman etc... 89' Batman we are watching the movie after Batman has been lurking about for a while but hasn't been revealed yet to the public at large.

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