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Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
Normally I Wouldn`t care, but the only reason why someone would say Eller is better than DD is because of his size.

DD has the better offensive talent no question. I don`t think Eller will ever reach 60 points. I hope I`m wrong, cause if he does... he`ll be one hell of a player!
Sorry, I disagree.

First, it's weird to see Habs Fans laud a 60 point performance with 2 big skilled wingers, privileged offensive zone starts, 3 minutes a game of PP time, and easier opposition. Plekanec and Koivu have both done better with less and never got this much love from the forum, all the while contributing at both ends. I remember years and years of people complaining we had no 1st liner when Koivu and Plekanec yielded similar production in more challenging situations. Desharnais might be better than Eller, but he's no prime-years Koivu.

Here are some facts:
- Eller had 0:39 PP TOI/Game, Desharnais had 3:17.
- Eller had 12:17 ES TOI/game against tough opposition and at both ends of the ice, Desharnais had 14:38 ES TOI/Game against easier opposition, and more frequently in the offensive zone.
- Desharnais played with Cole and Pacioretty. Eller played with Bourque, Moen, Gomez, Palushaj, etc on his line.
- Eller is 3 years younger than Desharnais
- Eller and Desharnais both scored 16 goals last year, but Eller had 12 assists and Desharnais had 44.

From icetime alone, Eller's 22 ES points and 3 PP points would rescale to 26.2 ES points and 15.15 power play points if you give him DD's time on ice: 41.35 points total, not including his production on the penalty kill. His production would improve further if you gave him better line mates, weaker opposition, more ozone starts, never mind an additional 3 years of experience.

At this point it is indisputably clear that Eller has superior defensive ability and goal-scoring ability. The only thing Desharnais might do better and has done better thus far is playmaking ability.

However, it is clear that this might be due to the linemates. I watched a lot of games last year. Andrei Kostitsyn was on a 32-goal pace when he played with Eller (similar to Pacioretty's 35 goals), then they removed him so he could play with Gomez. In the second half of the season, Eller played with Bourque. Over and over again I would see Bourque fan on beautiful passes. Bourque has once had great finishing ability -- but not last year.

Quite frankly, Eller's very low production in the assist category last year is due to weak line mates, specifically the nonsensical removal of AK46, and the ineptitude of Bourque that may or may not be permanent. This was clear to me, and I'm sure a lot of people pay much better attention to the games. His low assist tally should not be used as an argument against his skill.

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