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12-06-2012, 12:41 AM
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It's true that with junior teams, strict game plans are not so common, especially when moving towards the offensive zone.

Still, to be successful, you need some core tenets to rally around, especially if the game is not going your way. What happens when you don't, well... just go rewatch the last period of last year's semifinal. If your heart can take it, that is.

There is one thing though that is maybe even more crucial in junior coaching than adult one - to pick the right guys at the right time. See who's hot and so forth. This was another of Raipe's shortcomings from last year. His only solution to any uncommon situation was to send Granlund's line out there. It backfired royally when late into the tournament they had enough acid in their muscles to sustain a medium-sized Colombian drug cartel.

It really escapes me why Kale keeps hiring these second-rate coaches to helm what is essentially our second-most prestigious national team.

*sigh* Still, even if Rindell is IMO far from ideal, he does instill far more confidence in me than Helminen ever did. Raipe was so in over is head it wasn't even funny anymore. Kiva-Harri, at the very least, understands the fundamentals of coaching.

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