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12-06-2012, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
I already agreed and subscribe to the siphon effect. Essentially, the only new activity is the construction itself which is limited and of short duration.

I agree that asking for a larger body to handle the cost is beyond the reach. I wouldn't have even dreamed of suggesting Maricopa County. What I was saying regarding Glendale is that they weren't the best municipality in the area to handle it. They likely would have been better off in Scottsdale/Tempe which have a higher density of upper middle and upper class nearby.
Legend or another can probably provide better detail. The westside was the original objective, but Glendale was the only jurisdiction that stepped up. Had it not been for CoG the Coyotes would have relocated over 10 years ago. CoG reached an agreement with Ellman in less than a month if I recall correctly. Great decision making...

With the arena already built it's unfortunate that CoG couldn't get other Valley municipalities to help with the burden of the "management fee". The benefits of all of these investments have accrued to the other municipalities. Hell, I think CoG even lost money on the Superbowl!

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