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12-06-2012, 02:12 AM
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Talks resume tomorrow around noon-ish.

Some details leaking out about contract term proposals -- i.e. things that fans actually care about. Elliotte Friedman has reported that the owners wants to limit deals to five years to sign a free agent from another team, but teams would be able to go up to seven years to re-sign their own players. That would obviously eliminate the artificially long deals we've seen increase in the past few years that have been used as cap loopholes.

That's going to remain a pretty big sticking point for the union. And no idea how it would affect existing deals (if at all) like the one Crosby just signed.

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More from McKenzie:

Arbitration and UFA rights would remain the same (age 27 // 7 accrued seasons).

Less interesting for us fans, but critical to getting a deal done: League has upped "make-whole" to players by ~$90 million, which basically splits the difference between the last offer by both sides. In other words, it would be a terrible god damn travesty if they're not able to work out a compromise from here and give us a season. Things just aren't that far enough apart for them to quit now.

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