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12-06-2012, 01:25 AM
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The details of todays discussion are coming out.

NHL offers to increase Make Whole from $211 million to $300 million, NHLPA asked for $383 million last proposal so this is in the middle and actually 6 million over the middle to the players side.

NHL offers to keep the UFA and Salary Arbitration rules the same as in the last CBA. 27 for UFA and 4 years as a pro.

NHL won't budge, yet, on 5 year limit of contracts, allowable for 7 year contracts for team to re-sign own player, similar to NBA teams allowed to pay more to own players, and 5% variance on contracts.

Also some blowups happened in the meetings, one in particular between Jacobs and Ryan Miller. As someone said, it was good to see Ryan Miller finally stand up to a Bruin.

All in all good signs, the NHL is willing to make some concessions, maybe the players can come up with contractual rules they like. Maybe a 7 year limit on deals and a 10% variance or something similar. Players need to realize contractual limits aren't just about them, there there so teams without the same $ have a fair shot to sign players. I like the ability for teams to sign their own players to longer contracts.

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