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12-06-2012, 02:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Loffer View Post
Just play the game. You don't need any of these simplistic game plans, they are just the biggest myth in hockey. Hockey isn't soccer or football, it's much simpler and more straightforward game. Too much "tactics" just kills the game intensity. I don't think these youngsters need any sophisticated "game plans". Just dumb and chase, keep it simple kind of high intensity hockey.
U need some commong tactics, like LW can tell to D that I will allways camp between the ringette line and blue line in right on the sivulaudat. So then, when they have that deal, when the D is very hasted by the forechecker and doesn't see anything, he can just make a blind pass to the LW , and the pass has atleast some chance to make it for their own team. Same would be good to have with other players too, so atleast you would known where everyone should be there on the field even when you're skating face towards the end boards.. Im not sure is that called a game plan really, but atleast that level of tactis r needed. Doesn't hurt if the coach is good and can use hes experience, by telling slight adjustments for these positions and timings, depending how opponent plays.

This is ofcourse only my opinion about the DUMP N CHASE, but also if players are skilled they can just dangle and carry it over the blue line I think, im not fan of dump n chase really.. If it really looks like now we cant carry it, only then dump n chase.

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