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12-06-2012, 02:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
Motion gaming appeals to me about as much as going to the dentist (so the Wii was never a serious option for me, especially since one of my long-time roommates had one for the one and only game I ever wanted to play on it, Smash Bros...he literally only had one other game for the system (Super Mario Galaxy)) and the GameCube was hard to take seriously (and didn't have much of anything that interested me)...but I miss the classics. Honestly half the reason I bought it was for the marketplace thing and the ability to play all the great games I loved when I was younger that I no longer have. Well that and New Super Mario Bros. U.

I bought a couple original Wii games too...but I can't play them (or access the marketplace) because I don't have an original Wii remote. The behemoth gamepad and the Wii U Pro (which is basically exactly the same thing as the ****ing Wii Classic controller) don't do anything in 'Wii Mode'.


Man, I wish Sega was still in the business of making consoles and kickass games...instead of just making crappy games and re-releasing 12 year old games for every platform imaginable. Real gaming died along with the Dreamcast.
Yeah the Wii is a gimmicky joke IMO. My fiancee has one. I've never seen the appeal of it myself, but I finally broke down a few weeks ago and played it for the first time. After about 5 minutes I thought it was just as silly and lame as I always had thought it was.

Personally when it comes to gaming, I'll stick with my PS3. Although I wish my PS3 Slim still had backwards compatability with PS2 games like how my original PS3 did. Sadly my original one bit the dust.

Stupid Sony.

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