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Originally Posted by theicebox View Post
Let's cut the ****, we all know why Crosby is polarizing. He would be no matter what team he played for. That is a ridiculous argument. Because Toews is not as strong of a player as Crosby, that inherently makes him a better leader? Please name one thing that Toews did better in his captaincy towards the Hawks' cup, than Crosby did in his captaincy toward the Penguins'. What? They were both good captains? I am sick of this garbage. I would defend my team's captain, whether it was Crosby or not, it just seems rather transparent when people have this built-up, unfounded, misguided hatred for someone who happens to be the best player in the world (when not concussed... actually, that goes for both of them), and not on their own team.
And just because you're the best player on the team doesn't mean you'd be better suited as captain. I'd say it's between Crosby and Toews, and that Toews is the better leader. Crosby will likely get it though

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