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12-06-2012, 07:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Peekay Zubban View Post
Are the Diques back yet?
Been a long time eh ?

No sadly they are not back...yet.

We've got a brand new 18k+ hockey configuration arena under construction. If everything goes well it should open in September 2015 (as of today, the crew is a few weeks ahead of schedule).

There are more and more rumors that the league is strongly considering an expansion by 2015-2016. To add to that, we know that friends (for now) in GTA of Toronto are working on projects and that out other friends (for now) in Seattle are also working on getting a new arena (completion date unknown but my guess is somewhere around 2015 ).

While we're waiting on that, there is still a great show of absurdity to follow down in Glendale, AZ. Even tho they approved a $300M+/20 years deal to Greg Jamison, a guy thats been trying to get investors together to purchase the Coyotes for $170M for more than a year, we're keeping positive.

The deal is currently in a legal 30day grace periode where citizens are trying to put it down for referendum (if succesful, the referendum could strongly get it overturned) but one way or the other, chances are pretty high either Jamison realises Coyotes can't make it down there or Glendale goes BK and the deal is over.

So yeah, our dear Nordiques aren't back yet, but it's just a question of time for when they are.

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