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12-06-2012, 07:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Soundgarden View Post
I'm sorry if this has been brought up, or isn't even a problem anymore, but I'd like to go in a franchise mode, or dynasty or whatever, and be able to choose the opposing teams old jerseys.

Like, say I was playing as the Flyers and I wanted the 70's unis and I was playing the Pens the game makes it so the Pens play in the new gold uni's.

I haven't really played an EA sport game since NHL 06, but thanks to the lockout this is how I get my cravings, so sorry if they have addressed this problem in the recent years.
You can change the jerseys in both GM Connected, and regular offline Be-A-Gm mode. However, with GM connected, if you are playing the game OTP style, you cannot change the opposing jerseys. If you are playing versus style, there should be no problem.

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