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12-06-2012, 09:00 AM
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Gibson's main weakness is still mental. He's rattled far too easily and it's easy to get in his head and get him off his game. When he's on his game and everything is clicking for him he's a great young goalie that win games single handedly. His problem is when he gives up a couple of goals or a bad goal he starts thinking "this may not be my night" and starts giving up more goals. The flipside to this is look at Quick giving up that goal from the redline in the playoffs. He didn't have that thought, he got up said "ok, that's the last puck that gets past me tonight" and focused on the next shot. Once Gibson learns that (if he does) he will be fine.

As far as his stats this year go, he still has 6 wins, which is more than any other goalie on the team. His numbers are more a product of having good games, or very bad games and not many ok games this year.

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