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12-06-2012, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
If I recall..... one lockout season resulted in a 40 or so game season.... few respect that season as being anything other than exhibition...... There is no trophy for winning a shortened season…. No intellectual trophy that is.

As Christmas approaches I would rather have my pre-paid hockey money back for gifts to the homeless than waste it on a season few will remember or care...

With some luck the NHL will cancel this season and give us our money back....
I am not in this camp. I still want to see some hockey.

My biggest fight, though, is going to be with the ticket department. With my F.D. schedule, I cannot make all the games, but in previous seasons I have managed to sell most of my firehouse days, and the few that I don't I give to family members as birthday gifts and what-not.

At this point, though, other than a few for family, I will be hard pressed to sell many games that I work, since many of my buyers are now pissed off, or cannot adjust their schedules this late in the game.

I will be more than willing to do my best, but the CBJ had better be willing to work with me on this. They better be prepared to eat some of my games that I cannot get rid of, since none of this is mine, or any fans fault.

I will take this matter all the way to Davidson if I meet a lot of resistance at the lower levels, because they need to be flexible on these types of issues.

I have always bought my entire package in the past, like a good little STH, but this year if they manage to salvage part of the season, they had better be willing to work with us on this. If they don't they will lose a lot of us.

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