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12-06-2012, 08:26 AM
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Make Whole:
NHL Offering $300M on make whole (half way), $50M of which goes to pension funds. Meeting players half-way, not really a concession.

UFA and RFA rules to stay the same under most recent NHL proposal. Concession to the players.

Contract Rules:
Max 5 year term, 7 years for teams wanting to re-sign their UFA. 7 year part a concession and a reasonable solution IMO.
Max 5% variance from year to year (also seems reasonable -- these two will kill back-diving contracts).

Presumably lack of discussion means the "reduction over years to 50%" the NHLPA proposed a couple weeks ago is still intact / what the owners are willing to go to. This is also technically an owner concession as no one in their right mind expects players to earn well over 50% of revenues indefinitely.

10 years (good), with year 8 "opt out" clause (why -- just say no to opt out clauses because they'll always be used if even one side wants more).

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