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12-06-2012, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
All kinds of mixed signals are coming out of that session. Evidently Jeremy Jacobs literally motioned for the owners to just get up and leave, taking everything off the table. By the end of the night there was huge movement on Make Whole and other key issues. Some players aren't happy about not being in the room. Apparently the sides have moved apart on some issues.

You could write every possible outcome on a deck of cards, shuffle and pick 5 at random, and use that information write a credible column on what happened yesterday.
That's the problem with trying to track complex negotiations minute by minute, hour by hour, or even day by day.... There can be drastic swings back and forth within those short spans of time and trying to read all the signals correctly is pretty difficult. For instance, if a group walks out, did they walk out to caucus on a particular point before responding? Did they walk out to let the other party discuss a point in private? Did they walk out as a negotiating ploy? Did they walk out to let both parties cool off a bit on a contentious issue? etc...

All in all though, I think the news is pretty positive. There seems to be much more dialogue and movement on issues than we've seen in some time.

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