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12-06-2012, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by bucks_oil View Post
I agree with this as well... when he went down with the second concussion (or the reverb from the first), he came back a different player.

There is a tonne of precedence for concussed players coming back a shell of their former self and taking a good 12 to 18 months to get back to normal. Part physical and part mental.
In the case of Stoll we saw this directly and I was of the opinion we should retain his services and give him time. Due to the fact that he had previously been a very useful player.

The trouble with Eager is we have all these theories


All of which are excuses for a player that hasn't been very useful anywhere he's been since the Blackhawks SC. The one time in pro hockey he maybe managed to motivate himself to play a role the team needed him to play.

I have a hard time buying that Eager was timid due to the concussion and not himself. Assaulting people in bars and drinking his face off is probably not recommended for post concussion effects. The truth is he just wasn't prepared mentally last season and didn't care one iota to be here.

What we have here is a basic screwup that can't get his life, or hockey life intact and we should cut bait at the earliest opportunity.

Eager is a cluster****. I find it interesting the same org that felt Souray was a "Cancer" went out and got a guy like Eager. We do like projects here.

I wonder if theres one Oiler player from last year that if candid would have any charitable things to say about Ben Eager or his contribution. Really it doesn't take much more than viewing TC or practice to see Eager off in his own little dreamland. I can't even recognize who on the team he would be close to. Hordi doesn't even seem to give him the time of day. Do people not pay attention to stuff like that? Hockey is a team sport and in his mind Eager is still a player somewhere else. The guy in the office that had a good job 5yrs ago and never wanted it to end but is now a clear headcase that needs a new job every year as his demeanor catches up to him.

Demons? Yeah, you bet.

If 5-10 years from now there was a tell all book about present day Ben Eager it wouldn't surprise me at all. Another in a long line of skating hockey tragedies.

This is a guy playing his way out of pro hockey. 2yrs from now you'll wonder where he is.

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