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Originally Posted by FlaPnthrsPunk View Post
I'm trying not to get too excited yet so I don't get my hopes up. We've heard this story so many times, but this time it seems more believable.
Dont get too excited just yet. After another marathon session, its better than it has been in the past. But the players & league arent quite in agreement yet on the contract issues. I dont mind the league's offer but can see how players wont like it. Also a sticking point in the length of the CBA (league wants 10 yrs but players only want 5). There's middle ground to be found here so that at least has me optimistic. Looks like if we do have a season, it'll be a 50+ game schedule.

At this point, I think they just need to agree on 6 yr contract lengths (8 if its the current team) instead of a 5yr limit and 7 if its your own team. And then make the CBA at least tied to that as well...8 yr CBA length (with a league option for a 9th yr and players option for a 10th) and be done with it.

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