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12-06-2012, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by wej20 View Post
are ELCs staying at 3 or going down to 2?
I believe they went back to 3 awhile back.

Anyhow, my hatred for the NHLPA is growing. I don't want to hear any NHLPA or NHLPA supporters whine about 'what if they just lock us out again next time to gain even more concessions?! We need to make a stand!' The owners have offered a CBA term that will allow 95 %of the NHLPA to play out their careers without having to even worry about another CBA negotiation. But, the NHLPA is insistent on a 5 year deal....yet they say 'we just want to play'. Bull.

The owners have given in on all the contracting rights issues other than the ones needed to control front loaded back diving contracts and insurance issues. They are no longer just taking contractual rights away as an exercise in over reaching. They upped the make whole.

The NHL has offered the NHLPA clearly the most favourable player friendly CBA in all of the salary capped sports, despite the players in the other sports generating much more revenue and profits for their owners, yet, still not good enough to bring to a vote?

I wonder how many would vote yes in the NHLPA if they were given a chance to accept the latest owners offer.

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