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Originally Posted by WinSock View Post
I guess my biggest thing is that I still don't understand why people are taking this so personally.
Because it is something people enjoy. I spent most of my life working in the entertainment industry, and people are more passionate about their form of entertainment than anything else.

When I had to disqualify a guy who spent all winter working on his dragster because it didn't pass technical inspection, I got called every 4 letter word in the book, screamed at because of all the gas money he spent to get to the track, wiped the spit off my face as his tirade continued about how he would never ever be back to our race track. 2 weeks later he gave me a big bear hug as I handed him his winner's check after he won. That is the passion that goes with working in the entertainment industry.

Now that I work in "Corporate America" I don't turn in my TPS reports on time, and I get a friendly worded email reminding me when my TPS reports are due.

Nobody cares, nobody gets passionate, because it is "just" a job.

Just to further the analogy, you're posting here because you care about hockey, it is something you're passionate about, so you spend some part of your day here. You spend far more time each day sitting under light bulbs. Time wise, light bulbs are far more important to you than hockey. Heck without light bulbs, there couldn't be hockey. But when is the last time you posted on a light bulb message board?

That's why people take this personally. It is the form of entertainment that they have chosen for themselves, and something they have invested their time, money, and (well I probably should have grabbed a thesaurus because I hate to mention it again, but...) passion into.

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