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Originally Posted by WordUp View Post
At first, I wanted to disagree with you... but now I sort agree a bit more. I love both of the movies, to be clear.

Keaton's Batman was better for not having the ridiculous voice and I agree Elfman's theme is THE Batman theme... not to discredit Zimmer's work though since I love his scores for all three movies, but I would still have been okay with a rendition of Elfman's theme used as the main theme.

For the part about Nicholson's Joker being better than Scarecrow, I agree in the part that The Joker is the essential Batman villain but I liked how Scarecrow in the first movie let you get introduced to Batman without having him face off against the epitome of his nemesis. For that, I gotta give it to Nolan's trilogy for not playing all their cards on the first movie.

Hard pick for me, I think I enjoy Batman Begins overall more than I enjoy Batman though...
I agree, you couldn't have Joker show up in the first movie. By the way, though I like Burton's Batman films to some extent more than Nolan's, I don't think they're the perfect rendition of Batman either (the animated series was much closer to that). Who was the first major villain Batman faced in the comics?

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