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12-06-2012, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Sivek View Post
This is what gets me. The NHL is much, much less profitable than any of the other major sports in NA yet the NHLPA seems blind to this. It's not even close either. All the big money is in tv contracts and the NHL's is just laughable compared to the others. There was a big fuss over the latest NHL tv contract showing how strong the league was now, but just compare it to the other sports and you'll see how bad it is. There really is no reason for the NHL players to be making as much money as they do compared to the other sports when you consider the amount of money they generate.

Do the NHLPA really think they deserve 10 year, fully guaranteed contracts? Come on, stuff like that should of been some of the first things knocked off the table by the NHL, let alone be a sticking point.

As unadorned as that opinion is with technical jargon relating to the nuts and bolts of the CBA and the inner financial workings of the league... it largely sums up why I feel the PA is being completely unrealistic. You guys don't play in MLB. Certainly not the NFL. Sorry to break it to ya... but you guys aren't even in the NBA's neighborhood of relevance. Especially now.

Just a thought, players... having a guarantee of no labor strife for at least 8 years (as opposed to five) is a good way to start growing the game to the point where maybe someday the league will be able to generate the revenues to pay those that come after you like baseball players. Maybe.

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