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12-06-2012, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
I agree, you couldn't have Joker show up in the first movie. By the way, though I like Burton's Batman films to some extent more than Nolan's, I don't think they're the perfect rendition of Batman either (the animated series was much closer to that). Who was the first major villain Batman faced in the comics?
Not a huge comic guy myself (although I've read a few of the 'famous' Batman ones), so I'm not sure if your question is serious or sarcastic . It might have been The Joker, but that's probably how he became the most well-known and favourite Batman villain. For movie's sake, I think it works best if you leave him for last. I almost wish (if Heath Ledger was alive still) that they could have gone back and made Bane the second villain and have Batman defeat him but still being left with a broken back then have The Joker as the third villain doing his thing only to have Batman come back.

Either way, love the Nolan movies, love Burton's first Batman...

Oh and The Animated Series was amazing. I need to download or maybe even buy that show (I know I've seen it on DVD before).

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