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12-06-2012, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
You know, many things that were "fantasy" some time ago are reality today. I don't only mean Slovan's participation in the KHL, which 10 years ago everyone would have said was an insane idea, never possible in 100 years.
There is a difference between a fatally flawed system (Soviet Communism/Stalinism) which allowed former Soviet players to to go North America, or Slovan joining a Russian based league ; where there own domestic league has many many troubles.

If you want to disprove "fantasy", then argue some valid points, rather than the wishy washy statement above. For a Global league, or for European based teams to increase in pulling power, one of three things must happen ; Traditional hockey Europe becomes much more economically power, Non-traditional hockey Europe excels at the sport and becomes more economically power or North America loses it's economic clout (I.e the ability to pay players large salaries).

Until any of those outcomes happen, a Global league where European teams cannot compete is not really plausible.

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
I also mean, for example, that a Russian hockey league can now offer salaries competitive with (or even surpassing) those in the NHL. If you said 20 years ago that this would one day be real, they would call the ambulance for you. I distinctly remember how in the early 1990s, the Russian leagues -- both hockey and football -- were considered a joke by most Europeans. It was unthinkable, back then, for a Slovak hockey player to go play for a Russian team, because it would be considered laughable and disgraceful. Despite its monumental size, the Soviet Union always had the image of a poor country, salary-wise, in the former Czechoslovakia.
That is a little misleading. Yes, a few players (and the vats majority are players returning due to the NHL lockout) can recieve NHL salaries in the KHL. A few. The average salary is much lower however, and only a few teams can afford to give these salaries. Even the most financially restricted teams in the NHL can afford salaries the majority of KHL teams cannot do. Currently, salary wise ; the NHL and the KHL are not comparable.

Russia is becoming a wealthier country. Undoubtedly. Yet, North America is still currently on average much wealthier. Ticket prices in North America are much higher. European attendance revenue does not even compare to that of the NHL.

Secondly, this Global league proposal i presume does simply not just include Russian teams, but teams from Sweden, Finland etc. If we agree that on average, KHL teams have significantly less purchasing power than NHL teams, then the disparity between a higher end SEL team and an NHL team is even bigger. Some Russian markets can compete. Basically no markets in Europe outside of Russia can compete with the NHL. The markets are too small either in circulating money or simply size.

It is not economically plausible for teams in Europe to compete financially with the NHL currently. The only way you see European stars staying in Europe is if the money is relatively comparable to that of the NHL. Currently, in nearly all circumstances, it is not. I do not see that changing.

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Somehow, in the course of the 1990s, all of this got reversed and going to play for a Russian club, instead of being disgraceful, became both prestigious and profitable.

And so, I have no specific answers to your questions right now. I'm only saying that what seems utter fantasy today, may well become reality 20 years from now. There is no reason to suppose that, for example, the economy in 2032 will be the same as in 2012. Just compare 1992 and 2012 -- the changes are staggering.
If you have no specific answers, then you have no case. I am not interested in baseless conjecture. One cannot say fantasy is not fantasy simply because "things change".

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