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12-06-2012, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Crease View Post
I disagree with this interpretation.

The Commissioner and the NHLPA Executive Director have to be involved. They were willing to reduce their visibility yesterday in order for things to not seem personal. However, they hung around the hotel all day yesterday and they were implicated in some way. There is no way that six owners were given a mandate to do a deal. Bettman and Fehr being back in the room today suggests to me that a deal is closer than it was yesterday.
I agree. (edit: with you, Crease, not the object of your disagreement)

Bettman and Fehr present -- this is serious, down to brass tacks.
Good will vibe phasing out -- same as above. Neither side wants to make concessions, this means they're down to the nitty gritty.
Kicking media out -- thank you!

That's not to say they're going to reach a deal. It's just that a deal necessarily would go through a final stage like this.

I'm surprised how obstinate the NHL is about term limits. I would think YOY variation and back-diving would be enough, and likely to get agreement from the players. Are they frustrated with long-term contracts with no movement clauses? Heatley and Nash trade fiascos? It's the only topic on which I've disagreed with the owners through this whole process.

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