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12-06-2012, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
J17 Vs Proclamation
your only problem is that you want euro leagues to be farm leagues of NHL. I dont agree.
From my perspective, i wish to see one league in the world where all the elite talent collects to provide a wonderful spectacle. I personally don't particularly care where this happens ; currently it is the NHL.

Nationalism/Patriotism is an inherently flawed ideal, founded mostly on stupid notions that are contradicted by history anyway. I simply wish to see the best product.

I have said many times that the compensation given by the NHL to European teams is far too small, and hurting European ice hockey.

I am simply being realistic. Who is the farm, and who is the farmer is purely dictated on where the capital is.

Originally Posted by vorky View Post
I dont support idea of global league as Faterson wrote. This guy is right with one important thing - economy.
He isn't right with the economy. He entirely neglects the idea with his fanaticism. He seems to lack any notion of why talent distrubtion amongst leagues is structured the way it is. The idea of a Global league is entirely nonsensical.

Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Today money are in US, tommorow in Asia.
Perhaps, but we are discussing this within the framework of the economics of ice hockey. Thus, Asia is almost an irrelevant market. It is not as if the United States is going anywhere, either. The only significant ice hockey market in Europe which has fiscal relevance globally is Russia. The problem is, the Russian population is still poorer than the North America population, and has much much less purchasing power. The NHL is is good business for some of it's members. The KHL currently is not. The only way the KHL (and we should ignore the rest of Europe, because the idea that they can ever compete financially is absurd) can truely compete with the NHL is if it is a level playing field economically.

How close would you say they are?

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