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The past few Nintendo systems all started out relatively weak, but by the end of their life cycles had amassed a library decent enough to warrant a purchase...which is part of the reason why I went with the Wii U...I'm buying it as much for the back-catalog of a joke system as well as well as the system itself...I probably won't end up with a ton of Wii games for it, but having that larger library helped me make the decision. Also I've been starving for Smash Bros...we used to play that almost nightly. First of all it seems like a more serious attempt at a gaming console than the original Wii was. It's not entirely based around a gimmick, as the console is actually powerful enough to run games that don't need to rely on the gimmick, which will help greatly on the third-party aspect (because you damn well know Nintendo is going to make full use of that screen with everything they release).

Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
I don't like new video games. I'm not interested in Call of Duty or any of those types of games. I miss action RPG's that have real storylines. Kingdom Hearts 2 was the last game I was really into. So bummed they never made a 3rd edition for PS3. I have a PS3 and a Wii and I think I have 5 games total.
I miss JRPGs. That's a genre that's just about dead that probably isn't coming back. I've found myself re-playing those more than anything lately, thanks largely to stuff like PSN. I miss games like Suikoden, Grandia, Lunar, and Final Fantasy VII.

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