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Originally Posted by NJDevs26 View Post
Weber's deal doesn't exist without the massive signing bonuses and variance of $1-14 million years. Or it does but it doesn't have the poison pill of $56 million over the first four years, which is precisely what makes it a huge hinderance financially for the Nashvilles of the world.

I would like to see real numbers on insurance costs to know whether its a real concern or a red herring. Especially since it only affects a small percentage of contracts.
It affects everyone, as it applies to the top 5 contracts on every team, and only covers the first 5 years of said contracts. Meaning that every contract longer than 5 years is not insured, and all the risk is on the owners dime. It was Crosby that said that when he looked into insurance to play overseas it was around $400,000 a month [source]. Now his is obviously higher due to the value (100m) and his concussion history. But I don't think the issue is just the insurance costs, but the fact that it's only 5 years that's covered by insurance, while the entire contract is guaranteed... meaning the owners are on the hook for the rest.

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