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12-06-2012, 11:27 AM
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Proclamation, if anyone is "fanatical" in this debate, it's you with your emphasis on "money, money, money". Who says that a league or teams playing in it must be profitable? That's the American notion, where sports is viewed as business. As I'm sure you know, the KHL today almost entirely relies on sponsorship. That's the European notion of sports, if you will. Who said that the two notions are incompatible in a single league? Last time I checked, only a small minority of NHL teams was profitable, and the rest were incurring losses. And so, the few profitable NHL teams are in essence "sponsoring" the majority of NHL teams who aren't profitable. You can say that the NHL is "sponsoring itself" from within, internally, whereas the KHL is being sponsored externally, by Russian oligarchs. What's the big difference?

Also, please stop arguing with strawmen. I never said that the notion of a world-wide hockey league was not fantasy. Rather, I argued that what is "fantasy" in 2012 can turn into reality in 2032, just as many "fantasies" of the past turned into present-day realities. If you told me in the summer of 1989 that the Berlin Wall would tumble down and the Soviet Union woud dissolve within a few years, I would have considered you unhinged. Yet here we are today -- it's all real.

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