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12-06-2012, 12:11 PM
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Big Buck,

Agreed, but i would like them to take a long hard look at Neil Doef of the '97 Upper Canada Cyclones. Kid has size, creativity, skill, and work ethic. He lead the oemaaahl in scoring last season and is off to a good start this year. Kid has talent.

Also with the picks from last year that were unable to be here because of the four high picks that are signed and playing fronts hockey i feel that we could maybe use some of this years picks to upgrade our 94's so that we have as talented an overage group for the 2014 run as possible.

We could maybe keep our 1,3,4 picks and use picks 2 and 5 to upgrade our 94's. It would be hard for these '97 kids to crack the lineup with the crop we selected from the 96 draft that our playing and excelling in some sort of junior hockey this season.

I am not saying to blow the blue print up but merely stating that if we could improve our team at the trade deadline without giving up the future then go and do it. This would give our players the opportunity to play the most possible playoff games in the next two seasons to ensure that we have the most possible amount of experience come the memorial cup run of 2014.

What do you think?


These trades would never happen but i am just trying to illustrate what i mean. If we can get offered a steal that clearly would benefit our team amonst the '94 then do it. Otherwise stand still.

Steele and 5th for Ceci
Jenkins and 2nd for Galenchuk
Steele and 5th for Koekkoek
Jenkins and 5th for Monohan
Schutt and 5th and 6th for Faksa
Morrison and 5th for Altshuller
Steele, Jenkins and 2nd for Finn and Kosmachuk

The more playoff games we can get in between now and 2014 memorial cup run we'll only benefit us in the long run and only deal '94s because they will be overagers that year. We could trade 92 and 93 (won't be here for the run) for 94's. All deals need to clearly benefit us to be made though.

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