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Originally Posted by InfinityIggy View Post
Leland looked like crap last night. Only one game though. Where were you when I asked which games he had played poorly in twice? You have one example after the fact now. Can you name any others? No, you can't.

The entire team played like garbage, they scored 0 goals and although they controlled the play at times, they never generated real scoring chances. Irving could of came out and stood on his head and they still would've lost. Throw away game.
What game did he play good in then? I never answered your question because I had never stated (until now) that he did. I think he has been average so far, and bad lastnight. And to be honest I was hoping for more from him. He is solidly the third fiddle now.

I've simply gone against the grain and am pointing out that (this is probably the 3rd thread I've been saying this....) we should not be content with what we have in Leland Irving, that automatically penciling him in as NHL backup, that claiming he's one of the best goalie prospects in the league was all premature IMO.

As for saying the team played like crap, check out Ward's postgame comments. I have never seen a coach so happy with his team after a loss. When a team completly oushoots the opponent, and your goalie gives up bad goals, the loss goes on the goalie. Pretty cut & dry with this one.

Anyways, I stated earlier that I doubt he dresses fow awhile, but I hope Ward gives him a chance to bounce back next game. The longer he sits on this, the less he plays, the more doubt will come into his mind.

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