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12-06-2012, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
And therefore one league - KHL - is ideal for Europe. Or close cooperation ET and KHL.

Yes, domestic leagues woudl be ruined, but who cares? Now they are developing leagues, they can stay developing league if a few teams from country joins KHL. No difference .. yes, there is one - this leagues will not be farm leagues of NHL anymore but ONLY KHL. It is not true that they would be farm leagues of KHL and NHL at the same time.
Who cares? The fans who follow that the league. The fans whose team aren't incoporated into the KHL, and are left to rot and die. The kids in the systems of those teams that aren't included into the elite. Left to rot and die.

The whole idea is contradictory. You moan about Europe being a feeder league to the NHL. If you make the KHL a pan European league (But lets be honest, the bulk % will be Russian with the elite rich teams from other nations) all you effectively do is make the rest of Europe a feeder league to the KHL. It's hypocrisy.

The people who want this KHL pan European league can be separated into two categories. Those that are naive enough to think the economics of it could rival the NHL. And Russians who wish to have a stronger domestic league. I am fine with the latter, as long as you don't wrap it up in some crusade type mission to save Europe from the NHL. It's about making your league, your product stronger. I am fine with that. If i lived in the market, i'd want a stronger domestic product too. But please, please stop trying to pretend you have an alternate reason. Otherwise you're being a hypocrite.

Why do Swedes, Finns or Germans want to watch their teams play in Russia, instead of playing domestic rivals? Teams like Brynas or Assat won't have the economic might to play in this proposed league. Where is the incentive for the fans there? How does that help a great youth system like Brynas has?

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