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12-06-2012, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by HOLD MA DDD View Post
its my first offseason online, just wondering after everythings all said and done which day can we anticipate us starting to play on?
So far we have scheduled through saturday as that is when the 15 day periods begin. This is a lot of our first times through this too. I'm glad we can share our first time together

So 2 sims will = 1 month. If most free agents have signed after the july 2 saturday sim, we may go 2 sims a day (morning and evening) or if there are some guys left might do one a day for another day or two.

So that is 3-5 days or so, so I would expect us to be playing games by the middle or latter part of next week?

Totally open to suggestions from people on how fast you want to move through the rest of the offseason, but I imagine most of you won't be able to make an informed decision until we see what happens in free agency. Apparently it all happens pretty quick.

If there is nothing to do for 2 months, I would be willing to sim the rest of the summer in one day unless there are objections. Some people might need the season to start so they can waive some guys in order to sign a remaining second tier free agent etc too.

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