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12-06-2012, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Proclamation, if anyone is "fanatical" in this debate, it's you with your emphasis on "money, money, money". Who says that a league or teams playing in it must be profitable? That's the American notion, where sports is viewed as business. As I'm sure you know, the KHL today almost entirely relies on sponsorship. That's the European notion of sports, if you will. Who said that the two notions are incompatible in a single league? Last time I checked, only a small minority of NHL teams was profitable, and the rest were incurring losses. And so, the few profitable NHL teams are in essence "sponsoring" the majority of NHL teams who aren't profitable. You can say that the NHL is "sponsoring itself" from within, internally, whereas the KHL is being sponsored externally, by Russian oligarchs. What's the big difference?
The reason Europe as an entity cannot compete with the NHL is because the money is not there. The revenue is much lower and the owners have less capital to frivolously spend. That is why European salaries cannot rival NHL salaries, and thus Europe cannot compete with the NHL for star players, because they cannot offer the same money.

Very simple concept. Not difficult to comprehend. I am well aware of how the KHL is funded, and how NHL teams are funded. That was not my point (Although the structure of KHL funding means it is far more susceptible in difficult climates).

The NHL system has it's faults, flaws and unsavoury ideals. This doesn't change the fact that it is an economic juggernaut compared to anything in Europe, and capable of providing salaries for the vast majority that no European league, KHL included, can begin to compete with. There is a difference between giving Ovechkin/Kovalchuk huge funds to lure them back, and giving 3rd or 4th tier stars millions.

I expect the KHL to continue to prosper and have an excellent impact on Russian hockey. Assuming the investment remains that is. But they are very very far away from legitimately competing with the NHL salary wise.

Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Also, please stop arguing with strawmen. I never said that the notion of a world-wide hockey league was not fantasy. Rather, I argued that what is "fantasy" in 2012 can turn into reality in 2032, just as many "fantasies" of the past turned into present-day realities. If you told me in the summer of 1989 that the Berlin Wall would tumble down and the Soviet Union woud dissolve within a few years, I would have considered you unhinged. Yet here we are today -- it's all real.
Odd you implement the classic strawman argument, when you are saying without rational data or evidence, that things can change. The notion that things can change is not evidence for anything.

If i told you that the Soviet Union would dissovle in 1989 you would have laughed. Of course, you would have had no real knowledge of the actual economic issues and restraints within the system, so why wouldn't you laugh? In hindsight, it is not suprising the Stalinist system collapsed. The system was so economically flawed that it is indeed laughable.

But lets stick to hockey, rather than pointless historical anecdots and idealist "things change" without any context or analysis. It is entirely useless.

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