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12-06-2012, 01:56 PM
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Sticking points :

TERM of CBA--NHL wants 10 years -out clause after 8 years ...NHLPA wants only shorter term CBA (5years)...

INDIVIDUAL CONTRACT LENGTH---NHL wants 5 year max. length ecept for re-signing a team's own player which is a max. of 7 years in the NHL's offer (AND the new make-whole uppage to $300milion offer is contingent on NHLPA agrreing to 5 uear max. individual contracts with only a 5% variance for each year of the term)---the FEHR boys do not like anything restricting contract rights like this-BUT there is a price for everything!

MAYBE the NHLPA counters with asking some extra goodies the NHL throws into the pension plan and agrees to the 10 year CBA (THEY SHOULD--fans do not want to go through this every 5 or 6 years-it SHOULD BE A LENGTHY LABOUR PEACE ) -the fans willback the NHL on this issue..

AS TO CONTRACT LENGTH on individual contracts--the NHL seems UNMOVEABLE on this demand 5 year max. /7years max if an extentsion on a team's own player BUT
MAYBE the NHLPA could squuee just 1 more year OR get the 5% variance thing dropped...IF the 'PA gets SOME "give" by the NHL on the "IRONCLAD" position on this issue--then the 'PA" could claim SOME "victory" (albeit small) in getting the NHL to budge off the too harsh restrictions the PA seees on this issue of individual contract length..EVEN just 1 more year on the 5 year mAX for FA's signed to 6 years could be claimed as a "victory" won from the NHL's stubborn refusal to budge on this--HARD to believe the WHOLE DEAL would collapse just on ONE STINKING YEAR OF CONTRACT LENGTH.. OR if not on the extra year to gain--how about just droping the variance per year clause?

JUST a bit more NHL "give" to tweak the NHLPA's give to a 5 yr FA max /7yr extension max restriction so that the PA still claims they got the NHL to back downn (albeit not much) onthis issue--OUGHT to be enough to cement a deal...

SO to me SIX YEAR max. free agent contract length/7 years for extension maxes seems a reasonable compromise OR some more ajusting by the NHL on a shorter 5 year max free agent contract but with no or wider annual variance proving some more flexibility...THIS REALLY DOES NOT SEEM THAT WIDE A GULF TO SCUTTLE THE WHOLE ENCHILADA,DOES IT? COMPROMISE--LET's MAKE A DEAL!

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