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Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
Cole struggled until he started played with Desharnais and I don't remember him playing with any other center after that. That he got his best goal scoring season playing mostly with DD after playing with guys such as Brind'Amour or Eric Staal must mean something.

Mainwhile Pacioretty has stated a couple of times he really likes playing with Desharnais and that he's a very good player.

I agree with the rest of your post tho, I just wanted to point that out
Cole had a slow start in general. But keep in mind he was playing regularly with DD by game seven.

After a slow start it really didn't matter if Cole was with Desharnais or Plekanec (the only two C's he spent real time with, his time with Eller seems to be almost entirely overlapping shifts) he scored equally well with both.

Cole's ES goals wasn't anything particularly special for him last season. 24 ES goals is a good year for him but well within what he's done before.
The real reason Cole had his highest goal scoring year though was that he played the entire year (compared to the higher rate years of 05-07) and that he had his best PP goal scoring season. This was probably the first time Cole was the primary shooting/scoring option on a powerplay and his PP goals sky rocketed to 11.

Thing is, Cole isn't particularly great at being the top sniper on a powerplay, he was just the best of the lot for the Canadiens in 11-12. Which is shown by how the team effectiveness with him on the ice wasn't very good last year, and how his team PP effectiveness hasn't been very good in recent seasons before MTL either. I don't think he'd have gotten the man-advantage opportunity to hit 11 PP goals and thus 34 in total if Cammalleri had been his usual self with the man-advantage (and had not gotten traded). Given his PP history I doubt he repeats there.

Cammalleri and Cole are a good contrast for eachother in fact. Both can be 30-30 men in the right circumstances but they get there in an opposite fashion. Cammalleri is pretty much an average ES top six winger who isn't going to get huge totals their unless he gets very favourable usage. He's got a great track record for being a top notch PP scorer. Cole on the other hand is consistantly a stud on ES when not injured but historically has been average at best on the man-advantage.

The upshot is, I wouldn't be surprised to see Cole get 20-25 ES goals with either Plekanec or Desharnais over a full season. That's what Cole does. I would be surprised to see him get close to 35 goals again because I doubt he manages the PP production.

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