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12-06-2012, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Vicente View Post
Do you think top calibre players would prefer to play for a Western European team for 500,000$ if the same guy could earn 3,000,000$ in the USA/CAN?
Vicente, I'm not talking about "top calibre players" but about teams. If European teams are competitive enough against NHL teams on a regular basis, then a world-wide hockey league makes sense. If they aren't competitive enough, then such a league doesn't make sense. As to who exactly needs to play for those European hockey teams, and for exactly how much money, I don't know -- that may be your and Proclamation's obsession, but not mine. All I'm saying is it makes sense to unite the world's best hockey teams in a global league. If all the world's best hockey teams are indeed collected in the NHL only, then a global league makes no sense. But what doesn't make sense in 2012 can make sense in 2032, because the situation can change.

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