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12-06-2012, 01:24 PM
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The 1989 Batman has aged remarkably poorly. I never really liked Burton's interpretation of the Batman universe either. It's too... Tim Burton-y for my liking.

Bale's interpretation of Bruce Wayne also far outstrips that of Keaton's, although I can see how people would like Keaton better in the titular role than Bale (who never seemed entirely comfortable playing the superhero element).

I Michael Gough as Alfred, as he provides a gentlemanly, wise demeanour required for the role, but Caine has him beat in that regard too, managing to add a greater emotional levity and also some necessary dry humour. Batman Begins for me and it's an easy choice all things considered. It's pretty much the perfect "origin film" in the genre.

Plus there is a distinct lack of Morgan Freeman in the Burton version.

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