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12-06-2012, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by darmitage View Post
remember I would say at least 40 to 60 per cent of Team Canada teams we have had in the past years go on to NHL and American Hockey league
The fact is at the stage in their careers when they play for Team Canada, they have not managed to crack an NHL roster. The few that do and end up getting lent to Team Canada are usually not in an impact position on the NHL roster. You have to stop thinking that all these superstars today play in the NHL, but suited up for Team Canada. They are teenagers. They lose to CIS squads which is way down the rung from NHL ability. Are you completely unaware of the difference between adult strength and teenage strength? If this wasn't an issue, you would see 20+ talented 18 year olds in the NHL each season. It doesn't happen. What more proof do you need? Aside from the Ovechkin Crosby Calder race, which coincided with both an extra development year and two extraordinary talents, what points totals do the best rookies generally need to have to win that trophy? It's probably around 50 most years and that is among 18-25 year old guys. 50 points usually isn't even good enough for a first line player. So to think a squad of any group of 19 year olds will win against pros is ridiculous.

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