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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
Hockey is a strange situation where the most powerful body in the sport is a league (NHL) and not the governing body (IIHF).

What would you think of rebranding the World Championships as the European Championships, being primarily geared towards the top Euro players who play in the Euro leagues? This would basically take Canada, the US and the NHL out of the equation yet still leave the annual tournament that fans in Europe like yourself want. I think that would do a lot to get everyone past the NHL/NA vs IIHF/Europe disagreement that has dragged on for all these years.
I don't believe rebranding the WHC as EHC would be in the best interest of the IIHF or hockey as a whole. The IIHF needs MORE influence in NA not less. Excluding the Canadian and American Hockey Federations from participating would be devastating for the tournament and would leave the before mentioned hockey federations with nothing but the Olympics in which to garner any international success.
Besides, there is already a euro-centric tournament in Euro Hockey tour.

There is also a risk of alianating the european fans if the IIHF were to move the tournament to a timeslot more favourable to the NHL and there is still no certainty that NHL players would be allowed to participate or that interest in NA would peak. That could leave the tournament with no viewers at all, neather north american or european. It could also mean damaging the prestige and credibility it has with, admitedly, mostly european fans even if they were to change back to the original format of the tournament.

In eather case, there needs to be a WHC for any and all hockey federations in which to participate. Hockey needs to grow and the responsibility falls on the IIHF and the major hockey countries to help make the sport grow.

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