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Originally Posted by FootKnight View Post
Serious war movies/series that dedicate a ton of screentime to war scenes annoy you?

I don't understand.
It's inherently part of what makes a war movie/series a war movie/series, but yeah, I struggle with that element of them. Is it really hard to understand why someone might find them a bit tedious?

Band of Brothers is a bit different for me because it looks really beautiful (I loved that moment when Blithe started shooting), but long drawn out killing/shooting/explosion scenes in general (something like in Saving Private Ryan for example, which I didn't care for) aren't something that I'm always completely on board with. Should I just be appreciating the chaos, should I be emotionally invested in all the nameless faces dropping like flies, should I be excited and full of andrenaline as if I'm watching an action movie? It's just not something that consistently clicks with me.

But again, I loved episode 3

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